3. A child growing up in ancient Athens - combined with Acropolis Μuseum and Ancient Agora of Athens and Museum guided visits

The figure of a boy that lived in ancient Athens comes alive in front of the children’s eyes, and… a story like a fairy tale begins.

Through a theatrical play - dramatised narrative with rich support resources, the boy will take the children on a trip back into time. They will visit ancient Athens, the Acropolis, the ancient Agora, the boy’s home, his family, the toys he played with, his school, the gym, the theatre, the people he met and listened to.

After that, the children will activate their senses and use their imagination as they will participate in theatrical games and learning activities; they will “touch” their distant friend and spot differences and similarities to their own reality.

o It takes place in ‘Kinitiras Studio’, 22 Erectheiou St., 5-minute walk from the entrance of the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum (or other suitable place for school groups in the neighbourhood of Acropolis according to availability on the day of the program), combined with Acropolis Museum and Ancient Agora of Athens and Museum guided visits.

  • Ages 9-16
  • Duration of the basic program: 60 minutes
  • Duration of the Acropolis guided visit: 90 minutes
  • Duration of the Ancient Agora and museum guided visit: 90 minutes